Maple Ridge Farms Corporate Gifts

Blessed Baskets is proud to carry Maple Ridge Farms Gifts! We have been an authorized distributor since 2014, here’s why:

Fresher gifts just taste better. Maple Ridge Farms gifts are packed-to order just before the order is shipped. NOT made up many months in advance like so many gifts from the mail-order and retail giants.

Brand awareness done tastefully! When someone opens their gift, the first thing they’ll see is your logo. Many gifts contain a cutting board, wooden box, or desk accessory that will generate goodwill long after the food has been enjoyed.

Commitment to the environment. Maple Ridge Farms strives toward sustainability in its products, including their best-selling charcuterie boards. Our gourmet offerings come packed on sustainable bamboo, acacia, or slate boards.

A memorable experience for each recipient!

Let us handle your gift program for you! Click on a category below or visit the Maple Ridge Farms Gift website HERE. Then call us at (240) 449-4438 to place your order!  ABSOLUTE MINIMUMS APPLY.